Solutions to inter ethnic conflict in nigeria

Introduction ethnic conflict has been rightly defined as one of the greatest obstacles to meaningful development in africa (see the courier 1993) in nigeria , this sort feasible solutions to ethnic problems can only emanate from well- grounded duced some discontinuity in the hitherto existing inter-group dynamics this. Formal and informal ethnic conflict management practices the impact of state expansion on inter- ethnic relations and (iv) the latent tensions between integrative and accommodative (concociational) solutions to the dilemmas of of institutional design, ethnic conflict management, and democracy in nigeria (i) political. Political, ethno-religious or social conflicts often spring from the pursuance of divergent ideas, aspirations and interests expressed by a group of people or individuals under particular environmental conditions nigeria, like many african countries, is a multi-ethnic country with over 250 ethnic groups, where islam and. Kindergarten teacher connie long describes how her students started having fewer conflicts when they learned how to brainstorm solutions: “my kids were constantly getting into arguments over crayons, erasers, toys, you name it after introducing peacemaking my students started finding ways to solve the problem instead.

Nigeria currently faces a three-pronged crisis involving muslim-christian relations, the niger delta region, and presidential term limits the united states institute of peace (usip) held a public workshop in march 2006 for the purpose of assessing the situation in nigeria and considering ways in which the. Chapter one general introduction 10 introduction many will attest to it that the jos crisis vividly exemplifies or by locus classicus describes a rancorous experience against religious intolerance in a nation bound with vast geographic and vast ethnic and religious differences, these religious differences aid. Political, inter-ethnic and sectional violence after about thirty years of military dictatorship nigeria found herself again in the mainstream of democratic governance while this development was seen by some people as an avenue to explore dividends and goodies of democracy, others saw it as an opportunity to express. Political, electoral, religious, ethnic/tribal, cultism and other forms of violence are dominant in the nigerian society, at varying more also, government tax citizens yet the infrastructural deficit in the country is depressing intra and inter states roads are extremely poor, power supply is a mirage, public.

Ile-ife, nigeria email: [email protected], [email protected] managing religious conflicts in nigeria: the inter-religious mediation peace crosses more than 250 ethnic groups as well as deep political divisions structures designed to provide effective solutions to the phenomenon. Tion of exclusive ethnic identities into wider, inclusive civic identities2 pessi- mists doubt these remedies, arguing that ethnic wars express primordial hatreds which cannot be reduced by outside intervention because they have been ingrained by long histories of inter-communal conflict3 136 international security, vol.

Nigerians are very sensitive when it comes to their ethnic groups an average nigerian often sees his own tribe as being superior to others ethnic conflicts are very common and they bring about damage to lives and properties the key causes and solution to ethnic conflict in nigeria are discussed here. With this continental background in mind, this research paper seeks to examine the relationship between religion, ethnicity and conflict in nigeria, focusing the formation of dialects within languages was one of the ways in which ethnicity – both small-scale and large-scale – became fixed in nigeria. Drawing on postcolonial criticism (tyson, 2015) and other relevant social conflict theories from the field of conflict resolution, this paper seeks to analyze, through the medico-diagnostic method of inquiry, the drivers, dynamics and sources of ethno-religious conflict in nigeria the paper lays out various ways.

Ethnic conflicts in nigeria: a case of ife-modakeke in historical perspective in both communities ethnic attachment is high, and, inter- personal relationship among the people of the two communities is not that very cordial significant relationship is found between inter-personal relationship and age,. The desperate advancement of religious solutions to socioeconomic and political problems has deepened social fissures and spawned extremist and in northern nigeria, clashes between muslim groups—mainly ethnic hausa and fulani—and christian and traditionalist communities have become a. However, the truth is that the north of nigeria, as other parts of the country, is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multireligious society in 1987, in contrast to previously mentioned intra-muslim disputes, religious conflict took on new and ominous dimensions when unprecedented violence between members of nigeria's two. There is the high level of inter- ethnic and inter-religious vendetta in the country, to the point that it seems that nigeria is now exhibiting the symptom of a collapsing state, whose members are perpetually at war with one another ( imobighe 2003a:1-12) thus, the recurring political and ethno-religious conflicts in nigeria have.

Solutions to inter ethnic conflict in nigeria

Ineffective state responses to repeated ethnic clashes have highlighted a lack of political will to address northern nigeria the conflict in jos is often characterized as inter-religious or inter-ethnic, mainly between the christian- dominated ethnic groups of the anaguta and identify solutions, and many other studies have. Review showed that nigeria is blessed with diverse ethnic groups however participative democracy and proffers it as a solution to ethnic conflicts in nigeria this paper explored ethnic conflicts in nigeria and participatory democracy as a means of tackling ethnic conflicts political, inter-ethnic and sectional violence.

  • Case among ethnic and religious groups in nigeria in fact, this ways first, in a material sense, it refers to religions establishments (that is institutions and officials) as well as to social groups and movement whose primary interests are found within reducing conflict that may arise from inter-relationship between the.
  • We make our contribution at this forum in the fervent hope that it will assist us in our obviously arduous and unenviable task of finding a meaningful and lasting solution to the frequent inter- and intra-ethnic conflicts not just in the north- central zone but throughout the country we would wish to proceed with.

Causes of ethnic conflict in nigeria are many but we will focus on primary ones that government should deal with to stop the menace at once but a few this article will show that ethnic conflict is bad and discuss factors that we have listed above, and close by giving solutions for stopping ethnic conflict. Icrtop blog: crisis in nigeria: a case for rtop's second pillar the crisis in nigeria i background ii inter-communal & political unrest iii boko haram iv nigerian state ten percent of the country follows indigenous sects, constituting over 174 million people, and close to 350 ethnic groups speak 250 languages. This article considers the ways in which knowledge and research influenced the design of a programme to reduce violent conflict in nigeria the diversity this finding was by no means confined to plateau and kaduna states, where the worst incidents of inter-ethnic violence have taken place whether in. Multi-dimensional violence in nigeria: causes and methods of curbing the trend of violence and conflict, viz intra and interstate ethnic religious political and resource base and structural violence which is to proffer solutions, significantly , this humble research endeavour presents a template for policies maker and.

solutions to inter ethnic conflict in nigeria Ethnic conflicts in nigeria and africa in general arise as result of scarcity of political resources, multi-culturalism, religion, militarisation of ethnicity among others these conflicts cannot be ignored it is therefore patently clear that realistic measures to solve these problems are needed this paper, therefore, relies on content.
Solutions to inter ethnic conflict in nigeria
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